The passion,the will,the family’s belief,the respect of rural culture,with the attention to protect the territory and with the eye looking at the future and innovation.

All things starts from the grandfather Romei Guido and the grandmother Concetta, the first married with grandmother Margherita, both sharecroppers,they came from Mugello and they went to Casignano in 1936, in Bellavista’s Farm, where Guido grew up him and his 7 childrens until they married ( in the past 1 kg of oil cost like 1 kg of meat ).


Grandmother Concetta with her husband Cotellessa Nicola ( ex policeman, but from rural family ), emigrated from Abruzzo, they arrived in Focognano in December of 1945, where they stopped buying a farm. Thanks to the Concetta’s business talent and Nicola’s breeder/farmer talent,the couple opened the doors to a future that will take all family and also the new generations.After, Concetta and Nicola moved to Vingone, always taking care of food,breeding and selling cows, while the sons Bernardo and my father, Camillo, started with the butcher shop. ( BECCAI )

Now i’m telling you what my father did: when he was young he rode bicycle until the amateur class also with the legendary BARTOLI, but his street was meat street, where, from delivey boy, while the time was passing , he had got the honour to take the ” MASTRO BECCAIO “( like MEAT TEACHER) RECOGNITION ( given from florentine colleagues ). Very expert of alive cattle and breeder, he taught this job to me and to my brothers in a judicious way and with the rispect for the customer.


In the 1977 Camillo with my mother Giuseppina bought a small farm already Antinori’s property from XV century, where i grew up and built my family with my wife Margherita,and NOW we have 2 sons, FRANCESCO and LORENZO. They have taken the baton for going on with the farm that today is VILLA ILANGI’S FARM; both of my sons have got his job and qualification, one for the business development of the product and the other for the farm management.

With the arrival of Sara, girlfriend of Lorenzo, we developed our way to take care of our guests; she AND Margherita manage the agriturism and the restaurant.


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